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Travelling & Things to do in Sri lanka

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka then this trip article about “Things to do in Sri Lanka” is for you!
The article will guide you to the absolute best things to do in Sri Lanka & most adventures things to do in Sri Lanka for travelers including popular tourist hot spots as well as unpopular attractions 

Climb a sacred mountain. Lounge on a deserted beach. And enjoy a adventure safari experience in tropical wildlife park, Take picture perfect souvenir photos at dramatic locations in the coastal side. All this and more awaits in Sri Lanka, the most diversify island on planet earth.


These must things to do in Sri Lanka are about the best tourist attraction  in sri lanka

17. Tour the extraordinary temples of Colombo

Things to do in sri Lanka

Some of the most beautiful and important temples in Sri Lanka are hidden amongst the bustling, chaotic streets of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. Colourful and eccentric, they are well worth seeking out. 17th item of things to do in Sri Lanka

Gangaramaya Temple is a striking Buddhist temple next to the Lake Beira, giving it a calm and serene ambience. Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Temple is one of the oldest and most ornate Hindu temples in the city. And Koneswaram Temple, perched atop a rocky promontory, surrounded by the sea, is a technicolour treat. 

16. Ayurvedic Spa Center – Rejuvenate Your Senses

Things to do in sri lanka- ayurvedic spa in sri lanka

Like other South Asian countries, Sri Lanka too places a lot of importance on Ayurvedic treatment. The varied types of Ayurvedic Spa here are devised in order to help one strike a perfect balance between their mental and physical health, providing travelers with utmost relaxation. With options ranging from luxurious Swedish massages to traditional Shiatsu therapy, getting a spa massage is among the top 10 things to do in Sri Lanka.

Popular Ayurveda Spa Places In Bentota: Bentota Ayurveda Center, Samadhi Yoga Ashramaya, Amal Villa Ayurvedic and Spa Center, Panchi Villa Ayurveda Center, Sahana Spa at Saman Villas, and more.

15. Temple Of Tooth Relic - Kandy

Kandy-Sri-Lanka Things to do in sri lanka

Famed as the sanctum where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha has been kept for safekeeping for generations, the Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy is among the most pristine and peaceful shrines in the country and listed in most attractive things to do in Sri Lanka as well. Besides witnessing the soothing beauty of this place and banking on the chance to take a peek at the sacred tooth relic, visitors shall also come across intriguing sights of people practicing the Buddhist way of meditation and spreading chants in the surrounding areas. For Buddhists as well as travelers, coming here to seek inner peace and rediscover themselves is among the most enriching things to do in Sri Lanka.

14. Ella – Hop On A Train

Ella train ride- Things to do in sri lanka

Gear up for the most beautiful train journey as your train takes you from Kandy to the scenic, cloud-kissed town of Ella. Rivaling even the Trans Siberian Railway, the train ride to Ella takes you through green seas of tea plantations, cottony clouds, the most breathtaking views of lush hills, and finally weaves in and out of the many mountain tunnels as it descends to reach Ella! With such a refreshing experience to offer, it is undoubtedly one of the most unique things to do in Sri Lanka.

13. Experience true Tamil culture in Jaffna

Jaffana tourist attractions things to do in sri lanka 1 e1666165592605

Long off the tourist trail, the city of Jaffna, in Sri Lanka’s formerly troubled Tamil north, is finally coming into its own.

Its ancient fort is a delight to explore and far less crowded than Galle. Nallur Kandaswamy Hindu temple is a hive of devout worshippers and the markets are colourful, lively and the perfect introduction to local life in the north has made Jaffna undoubtedly one of the most attractive things to do in Sri Lanka.

Uncrowded beaches and islands are but a short hop away, too, as is Keerimalai Hot Springs, a popular bathing spot for curing all that ails you.

12. Succumb to Galle’s Colonial charms

Galle Fort- things to do in sri lanka

Built by the Dutch in 1663, the walled city of Galle, on the country’s southernmost top and surrounded by ocean on three sides, is a must on any visit to Sri Lanka.

Inside the fort, you’ll find Dutch Colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, museums and lots of quirky boutique cafés and restaurants. Outside, you’ll be laying your eyes on some of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

Don’t forget to drop by nearby Koggala to see the famous stilt fisherman.Spotting them perched in the ocean on their frames – made from sticks and twine – is one of the most iconic and extraordinary sights in the country.

11. Have a close encounter with whales

Whales in sri lanka things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka’s southern tip nudges the depths of the continental shelf. It’s an area favoured by blue whales and nowhere else does the world’s biggest creature swim so close to land, so reliably. Highest sight seeing ratio has made whale watching at Mirissa a must do things in Sri Lanka.

Dondra Head is your jumping off point. From January to April, blue whales pass here on their route from the Bay of Bengal to the western Indian Ocean. They fill their bellies on the krill and squid that thrive in these waters, enriched by the outfall of Sri Lanka’s 103 rivers.

10. Dambulla Cave Temple – For Your Soul

Dambulla Cave temple Culturale Triangle sri lanka 2 1

A mix of Lankas unparalleled beauty and serenity, the Dambulla Cave Temple is regarded as one of the most ancient (dating back to 2nd century BC) structures of Sri Lanka that attracts visitors with its enormous golden statue of Lord Buddha and the golden dome of the temple. Boasting of prehistoric paintings, carvings, and immense peace, this temple is a popular place for spiritual seekers and Buddhists.

One of the best things to do in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, is to visit this Largest Rock Cave Temple in the country surrounded by lush forests and housing statues of Buddhist monks in its caves.

9. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – Play With Elephants

Just like the turtle hatcheries in Bentota, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was established to give a home to abandoned, injured, or abused elephants as well as nourish and care for them. Housing over 40 elephants presently, many of which are babies, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage has made tremendous efforts for the welfare and protection of elephants in Sri Lanka. 

One of the most soothing free things to do in Sri Lanka is to watch these naughty, yet adorable creatures bathe in the river near the orphanage where they engage in mischief, pull each other by their tails, and try to escape the hands of their caretakers in amusing ways. A trip to this orphanage will surely give you the happiest memories of your trip.

8. Spot leopards in Sri Lanka's National Parks

Yala leapord- things to do in sri lanka

Sri Lanka’s alpha predator is protected in a number of national parks, but is most easily sighted in Yala National Park, on the island’s southern coast, where you can cool off in the ocean after a day on safari.

Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s number one leopard sanctuary which is at the highest level of must do things in Sri Lanka. The big cats are thriving here in territories of little more than a kilometre each – “the highest density in the world” – making seeing one almost a certainty.

For those hoping to see a close-up leopard make its way down the tree and casually saunter through clearing to the cover of the bushes, then Yala National Park is undoubtedly the place to be. For finding leopards without the crowds, head to Wilpattu in Sri Lanka’s northwest instead.

As the country’s largest national parks, Wilpattu offers one of your best chances to see a leopard in the wild. There’s no guarantee, and safaris start at the crack of dawn, but it’s worth the try. Plus, the consolation of spying any of the park’s water buffalo elephants and sloth bears is just as tempting.  

7. Negombo – Unwind Yourself

Lying a few miles north of Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, Negombo is another happening city in Sri Lanka with stunning beaches and ultra luxurious beach-facing resorts. The best things to do in Sri Lanka/Negombo is to simply unwind and relax at your sea-facing resort or villa, bask on the beaches, explore the nearby bars and clubs, and visit the parks and markets.

Places To Stay In Negombo: Jetwing Blue, Jasmin Villa Ayurveda Resort, Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, Amagi Aria, Lespri Grand

6. Visit a tea empire in Nuwara Eliya06

Nuwaraeliya tea plucking things to do in sri lanka

At the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, this charming throwback to the country’s colonial years is rich with the heritage of home-county England. Tour neatly-terraced tea estates, watch pickers at work, and buy your own samples to take home.

Tea lovers will want to visit the Hill Country’s Haputale Mountains, where Sir Thomas Lipton launched his tea empire. To see where it all began, organise transport to Lipton’s Seat – Mr Lipton’s favourite spot to sit and watch over his enormous estate.

It is possible (and maybe a bit more comfortable) to take a car up, but an open air tuk-tuk ride is much more fun. Head out early before the afternoon fog cloaks the surrounding mountains, clouding the awe-inspiring views.

5. Kandalama- Hot Air Ballooning

hot balloning sri lanka booking

Watch the beautiful lushes of Sri Lanka from an exclusive location! Hot Air Ballooning in Kandalama is an amazing amalgamation of thrills and serenity, as you will be witnessing beautiful landscapes while ballooning in vibrant hot air balloons floating in the clouds. This is something you must not miss out on while vacationing in Sri Lanka and one of the main adventure things to do in Sri Lanka during the ballooning season. Whether holidaying with friends or family, this one excursion will make you witness something majestic and surreal.

Location: Approximately 4 hours from Colombo

4. Kalpitiya- Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing experience is peaceful Kalpitiya will surely enthrall you with its amazing experience. The lagoons here are the best place for the freestylers and the budding champions. Kalpitiya is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and kite surfing in Kalpitiya has became a main things to do in Sri Lanka offering a unique experience of Kite Surfing. One can get numerous accommodation options around this area.

Best time to visit: May to October

3. Explore ancient wonders in Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura tour booking

Sri Lanka’s original royal capital is easily explored by tuk-tuk or bicycle, as you flit between 1,500-year-old ruins and grand dagobas that still attract Buddhist pilgrims by the thousands.

Among the giant stupas is Jetavanarama – built in the 3rd century and was once the third tallest building in the entire world (the first two were Egyptian pyramids). 

Thuparamaya Stupa is another noteworthy Buddhist temple in Anuradhapura, considered the earliest Dagoba to be built on the island.

2. Get up close to wild elephants in a National Park

Minneriya national park

You’ll see elephants everywhere you go in Sri Lanka: working on a tea plantation, running wild in national parks, and leading the Esala Perahera parade in Kandy in all their bejewelled and sequined glory.

Udawalawe National Park offers you one of your best chances of seeing elephants roaming free. Created to protect the watershed of the enormous Udawalawe Reservoir, this park is home to around 400 pachyderms and has extensive stretches of grassland as well as scrub jungle and riverine forest. It is one of the best places to go birdwatching in Sri Lanka too.

Gal Oya National Park receives fewer visitors than many of the other parks and also offers a unique experience. Here, the elephants commonly swim across Senanayake Samudra lake – Sri Lanka’s largest body of water – and you can take a boat safari to see them.

And to see the world’s largest congregation of Asian elephants visit Kadulla or Minneriya NP in the dry season (June/July to September) when what is known as “the Gathering” takes place as hundreds of the pachyderms cluster around water.

1. Climb Sigiriya

Sigiriya is the greatest and most popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka and has gain the top rank of the main things to do in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Lion Rock is an ancient rock fortress known for its massive column of rock that reaches nearly 200 meters high. The site dates back to the reign of King Kasyapa (477-495 AD), who chose this site as his new capital. He decorated the walls with frescoes, and built an impressive palace right on top of the rock column, accessible only through the mouth of an enormous carved lion. 

sigiriya Sri lanka
Things to do in Sri lanka
Things to do in Sri lanka

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