What is the best time to visit Sigiriya?

January to April is the best time to visit Sigiriya when the climate is moderate and suitable for day trips. May to August is the dry season in Sigiriya, and the place has a tropical climate with a humidity of 80% all year round. However, the rest of the year sees average weather as well with the highest temperature going to around 31 degrees Celsius. October-December are the wettest months, and it’s best to avoid Sigiriya anytime during these months.

If you’re okay with braving a little rainfall, then the early monsoon months are a lovely time to visit as well. The Sigiriya rock has a height of around 660 ft, and it gives a fantastic view to the tourists in all of Sri Lanka. It’s a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO in 1982, and a trip to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without a visit to this place.

However, the best time to visit Sigiriya Rock is at around 7 AM. It has the least number of the crowd during this hour of the day and also the light is good enough for clicking some of the great photographs. Or you can also plan your trip to Sigiriya late in the afternoon for the same reason. Avoiding weekends and public holidays are the best way to explore the rock that includes beautiful fresco art.

The off-season at Sigiriya is from October to December when the site witnesses heavy rains. Climbing the rock is relatively tricky during the monsoons; moreover, the beautiful views at the summit can become obscured by the clouds.

Sigiriya Weather

Monthly Weather in Sigiriya

MonthHigh/Low (°C)Rain
January29°/ 20°6 days
February31°/ 20°4 days
March34°/ 20°2 days
April35°/ 22°17 days
May34°/ 24°13 days
June33°/ 24°2 days
July34°/ 24°3 days
August31°/ 23°5 days
September32°/ 23°12 days
October30°/ 22°28 days
November30°/ 21°19 days
December28°/ 21°19 days

It's advisable to start climbing either early morning or late afternoon to avoid intense midday heat