Sigiriya water fountains are very famous all over the world. According to the Sri Lankan history, king Kasyapa made these beautiful fountains. There are 4 water fountains in the water garden and 2 fountains per each side. The king has designed these water fountains to bring more beauty to the water garden. This creation still remains active throughout the past 1500 years.

sigiriya water fountain technology

Sigiriya water fountains work with the water pressure and the gravitational force of the planet earth. So that was a simple design to implement but the creators have done a miracle here. Those builders used underline pipe system to produce the water pressure. So they built this system from highland to low land to get the high water flowing speed using the earth’s gravity. Firstly, they made the Sigiriya tank and then used it as the primary water resource of the King.

Secondly, they used that water to fill the inner moat and the outer moat. Then they made a canal to get the water to the moat which lies around the summer palace. Finally, they made a canal system to flow the water through the water garden from that moat.

Sigiriya Water Fountain
Sigiriya Water Fountain

How does this Sigiriya water fountains work?

When there is rain around Sigiriya, the Sigiriya lake get filled with water and then directly flow into the moats. Then to the moat of the summer palace. After that underground pipes do the rest of the work. There is a small unit called the controller. A controller is a unit(device) that controls something. So this water controller controlled the flow of water and maximize the water pressure to make Sigiriya water fountains.

When can you see sigiriya water fountain

It needs more water pressure to activate these famous Sigiriya water fountains. That means the water level is a key factor here. Sri Lanka has only two seasons. They are the summer season and the rainy(monsoon) season. Sigiriya has located in the dry zone of Sri Laka and the average rainfall is 1000mm-2000mm. The North-East monsoon is the basic rain monsoon around Sigiriya area.

The North-East monsoon generally activated during the December to February. During that time the water level of the Sigiriya lake goes high. So the best season of the Sigiriya water fountains is from December to February. During the rainy season, it is one of the most beautiful scenes in Sigiriya.

Sigiriya Water Fountain
Sigiriya Water Fountain

what is sigiriya water fountain?

There are so many underground canals in the Sigiriya. But the creators have managed to plan everything to get natural beauty. Sigiriya water fountains also act as a natural beauty factor. However, like other features this fountain system also based on “echo plan”. That means 2 fountains on both the north and south sides with 4 overall water fountains of Sigiriya water garden.

After the fountain area, water flows to the “Miniature Water garden”. So this garden has a pond system with special features and irrigation technology. So they got the maximum use of the water using the canal system and the gardens.

It's advisable to start climbing either early morning or late afternoon to avoid intense midday heat